Maido in Berlin — showcasing the ‘TFF Digital Labs’

Over the past few months, we’ve been partnering with the Thought For Food (TFF) Foundation to design and build their game—changing ‘TFF Digital Labs’ platform.

TFF Digital Labs

The ‘TFF Digital Labs’ will be a mobile—first learning platform and digital accelerator — created to build applicable capacities in business leadership and design thinking for next—generation entrepreneurs.

By joining the freely available program, participants will be provided a wealth of online learning materials, world—class applicable resources, mentorship and access to a global community. Participants are also invited to compete in the TFF Challenge, a global incentive prize competition that catalyses transformation and innovation within the agriculture and food space.

Berlin: Connect, Engage, Share

On June 4th, we were invited to Berlin to share the work we've been doing at Thought For Food's 'Connect, Engage, Share' event, held in collaboration with their partner, KWS. With over 70 attendees from Thought For Food and KWS, we were proud to show a sneak peek of the work we've done to date and share our learnings from user research with both teams. We demonstrated how we've taken that research and are now creating a learning platform which will be mobile—first, community—driven and built—to—scale.

Thought For Food have to date worked with more than 15,000 next—generation innovators in 160+ countries–inspiring thousands of creative new business ideas and launching more than 50 impact—focused startups across the value chain that solve key challenges such as productivity, sustainability, transparency, nutrition and waste, and which leverage cutting—edge technologies such as biotech, AI/ machine learning and robotics. They now have the ambition to reach 1 million next—generation leaders by 2021 with the TFF Digital Labs. We’re working with them to create a platform that can support these targets.

Thought For Food are on the lookout for new potential launch partners. If you think that your organisation can support their brilliant vision, we encourage you to contact them directly.

This exciting project will be launched on World Food Day (October 16) this year.