Good things happen, in good places

Design-led studio, development team in house.

The best creatives, designers, developers and producers all under one roof.

We’re meticulous about our craft and pride ourselves on working on the cutting edge. To deliver great work you can be proud of, it’s essential to have the very best team around you — we’ve gone above and beyond to create one of the best teams of designers, developers and producers in the industry.

We think there's a million things that make Maido a special place to work but below are a few that make us proud.


We succeed, fall, learn and laugh together

New tech

VR, AR, new API's

Self learning

Self starters win around here

Open environment

Everyone has a voice

Conferences / hacks

Opportunities to learn are important to us

Flexible hours

We work from home on Wednesdays

A social bunch

We love a drink, there's even a fridge with free beer

Mac lovers

Macbook Pro + 27" Display for everyone

Free Deliveroo account

Free food for those days we have to work late

We don’t consign ourselves to tools or processes. The tools we use stay fluid and open as principle.

We’re big fans of Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, CI (and a bunch of other acronyms) but we don’t shoehorn them where they won’t fit. We pick the right tools for the job and the best process for the client — this makes the day-to-day as smooth (and fun) as possible.

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