Doing good things starts with good people

A team of designers, developers, project managers, and strategists with years of experience in both the commercial and social impact worlds.

The best designers, developers and project managers — all under one roof

We’re meticulous about our craft, and we pride ourselves on working on the cutting edge, but delivering great work is only possible if you have the very best people around. We’ve gone above and beyond to create one of the smartest, friendliest, and most purpose–driven teams of designers, developers, and producers in the industry.

Typically, an organisation will place profit margin as the most important goal. At Maido, we take a different approach to business: we place our values at the heart of our organisation.


We make a positive contribution to the world.


We always produce best–in–class work. Maido’s environment enables and celebrates this.


We have a clearly defined and supported career path that will enable us to reach our full potential.


We create our best work through team work. We’re a collaborative and supportive team of talented, passionate people.


We have the freedom and support to create a productive working environment that suits our individual needs.

We don’t limit ourselves to particular tools or buzzword–laden processes. The methods we use to create stay as fluid and open as principle.

We’re big fans of Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, CI (and a bunch of other acronyms) but we don’t shoehorn them where they won’t fit. We pick the right tools for the job and the best process for the client — this makes the day–to–day as smooth (and fun) as possible.

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Maybe you’re not one of the above but still think this might be the right place for you?

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