Breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty

Putting girls at the centre of the development agenda

For many girls in the developing world their future is already defined, ingrained social norms perpetuate stereotypes and prevent change. Working with girls and those around them, Girl Effect have developed a unique impact strategy.

Using the latest ideas in media, technology and girl–centred community engagement they are challenging discriminatory gender norms and starting conversations about how girls are viewed in society.

60% of girls in Pakistan rarely or never feel confident to speak and be heard when in the presence of boys and men

Girls Speak Out, Plan International (2015)

The data problem

Understanding these problems is complex. Conventional research is slow and flawed: Strangers – often western adults, arrive on door–steps, uninvited, asking intimate questions will never get candid answers.

This is a global quandary faced by NGOs, governments and increasingly the private sector.

Powered by girls, enabled by technology

Together, we created a Peer to Peer research tool, enabling Girl Effect to gather authentic research, safely, and faster than ever before.

Co–creating a unique user–experience

Creating a digital product for the developing world is met with a myriad of challenges — considerations ran from the impact harsh sunlight can have on the UI components to the availability (or lack of) power.

Working alongside girls in Nigeria we co–created an intuitive user–experience, that was language agnostic and worked regardless of literacy level.

I always used to hide behind someone and expect them to do the talking, but now I’m more confident and outspoken

Testimony from a TEGA in Northern Nigeria 2016

Data that’s safe, at scale

Our technology seamlessly transmits 100% of all data captured in–field including 1,000’s of videos, audio interviews and quant questions, from countries including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, India and Indonesia.

It’s then programatically analysed for trends/insights and available to analyse from a sophisticated management system within seconds.

Validated by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) & MRS (Market Research Society)

We have been working with Maido for nearly 4 years, they designed and built the technology behind TEGA. One of Girl Effect’s proudest achievements. They encourage co–creation, design simply and smartly and present passionately. Their ability to take on complicated user journeys and challenging infrastructures is impressive. They’ve never been afraid to interrogate us and our briefs to keep TEGA evolving. Maido have been incredibly generous with their time and resource and understanding of our limitations and challenges as a non profit organisation. They are invested in our platform as much as we are and we love working with such a dedicated team.

Sarah Ramsey, Senior Manager, TEGA