Integrating digital into a premium health club experience

With 3 prime locations across West London, Harbour Clubs have been a central part of luxurious city lifestyles since 1993

To maintain their status as London’s finest health clubs, we were tasked with extending the premium club experience through the progressive use of digital.

Member–centred design

The successful execution of a first–class health club is in the understanding of its members. We visited the clubs and interviewed members and staff alike, to understand how digital could enhance their experience. We observed their behaviour throughout the space and identified opportunities for digital to add member value and reduce demand on staff.

Bridging the gap between online and in–club

With timetable and class information creating high demand on staff, the value that digital could bring to the in–club experience soon became apparent. Interactive digital notice boards were strategically placed in high traffic areas, and would become the destination for club information, leaving reception staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

All members great and small

With family at the heart of the Harbour Club offering, the audience was broad, both in age, height and digital literacy, all factors influencing our design decisions. Size and location of the digital screens, complexity of UI and interaction, and accessibility of content needed to accommodate each member profile, and sometimes all of them at once.

Utility for members and staff

The screens have become a destination for members to gather and explore the timetable and an effective sales tool during tours of the club. Harbour Club now blends the best quality fitness experience with intelligent digital, enabling its staff to deliver the first–class customer service that you’d expect from London’s finest health clubs.

Maido challenge the norm and push us to think in a different way, which ultimately results in great software products that enhance our member experience and also improve our operational efficiency as a business.

Grace Kerr (Digital Project Manager)