Redefining the hair colour landscape through digital

As one of the most sought after names in hair colour, Josh Wood has been shaping the global beauty landscape for nearly three decades.

With Josh launching a progressive new system of home colour products, we were tasked with translating his world–leading salon experience into an e–commerce business worthy of his name.


The quality of service Josh offers can be attributed to a deep understanding of his end consumers. We facilitated collaborative workshops with Josh, his internal team of subject–matter experts and partner agencies — defining a strategy for communications, content and design direction that was driven and defined by customer insight.

Josh and I have collaborated since 1995. He has helped evolve my look and been pivotal in understanding my brand and personality. His talent for colour means I never have to worry about the look of my hair.

Elle Macpherson

An e–commerce experience that speaks to you

Hair is individual. Josh knows that, and his personal style of hair consultation has helped to define his career for decades; underpinning the success of his Atelier Salon.

We helped Josh to digitally facilitate consultations with an automated chatbot — asking the right questions to surface product recommendations and bespoke advice to thousands of women across the UK.

Empowering women, everywhere

For many, managing grey hair can be difficult. For others it can even be traumatic — especially those without access to expert advice. We worked with Josh to make best–in–class advice accessible, engaging and free.

Josh’s site is built around information and education. Helping women around the world to understand their hair, pick the right products for them, and learn how to achieve salon–grade application.

A completely custom Shopify build, from scratch

With a host of new product developments just round the corner, it was important that we deliver a site that was future–proof and scalable. Using Shopify to power point of sale, we built a custom layer that made everything from content management and metadata to inventory simple, scalable and secure.

Maido really immersed themselves in our brand and worked collaboratively with us to refine, craft and deliver our vision for a digital platform that can redefine hair colour. The result has beaten all our expectations. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Dominic Rosh – Managing Director