Extending the reach of London Fashion Week

We were commissioned by Google to run a cross–agency Innovation Sprint alongside MEC and Mulberry. The objective? To make London Fashion Week more accessible to a wider audience online.

Regarded as one of the ‘big four’ fashion shows, the event is inherently exclusive—with tickets hugely limited. We facilitated workshops and collaborative sessions to better understand how we could bring the event to the thousands of fans unable to attend in person.

Our solution saw a range of 360 degree cameras installed and accessed remotely from phones & tablets —allowing otherwise unseen content to be captured and shared

From initial prototype to developed product

We built a series of prototypes and design materials across an intensive 5–day sprint, allowing us to test and validate our ideas before taking them further. This approach is built around the Google Ventures design sprint — it avoids time wasting, helping us prioritise a sprint strategy.

Maido have partnered with Google to deliver immersive innovation sprints across a number of clients and industries. The Maido team have developed a format that helps get under the skin of business problems and results in fast and meaningful solutions through their rapid prototyping process. This has led to many successful projects in our work together.


Sparking impactful ideas with sprints

We run intensive design and research sprints to uncover insight and validate ideas efficiently.

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