Sustainably feeding 10 billion people by 2050

Our planet’s food systems are not built to feed and nourish our rapidly growing population while simultaneously dealing with the global climate crisis. To ensure that every single person has access to nutritious food — today and tomorrow — the food and agriculture sector needs to be fueled with innovation and collaboration. We partnered with Thought For Food — an entrepreneurial innovation engine for food and agriculture — to create a new digital platform capable of accelerating innovation in the industry: the TFF Digital Labs.

A digital accelerator programme for food and agriculture

The project launched on World Food Day (October 16th) 2019, and gives youths aged 18–35 access to practical entrepreneurship training, industry knowledge, expert and peer–to–peer mentorship, and an international changemaker network. With this support behind them, they’re enabled to develop socially responsible and locally relevant businesses that tackle the most important challenges facing our food systems.

The TFF Digital Labs offer modular learning programmes across five key areas: entrepreneurship, food and agricultural knowledge, personal growth, inspiration, and creativity. Aimed at visionary talents from all parts of the world, the platform helps to generate and scale thousands of new ideas, and launch promising social impact startups.

A mobile–first learning experience

Content for the TFF Digital Labs is provided by Thought For Food’s multidisciplinary network of partners and industry leaders. It’s practical and action–oriented — purpose–designed to translate enthusiasm into meaningful social change.

Through online learning, the TFF Digital Labs will teach young entrepreneurs how to leverage technology breakthroughs like AI, Blockchain, and Biotechnology, and utilise inclusive business models such as open data and the sharing economy. This unique approach will create locally relevant solutions that tackle pressing challenges across the food value chain — from production to distribution, from consumption to waste

Designed to be globally accessible

We conducted research and collected insights from around the world, ensuring that nobody is left behind in the design of this unique platform. The result is an uncompromisingly accessible, mobile–first learning experience, optimised for passionate do–ers from North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania, with backgrounds in science, design, technology, and sustainability.

Building meaningful connections

As well as online learning, the TFF Digital Labs place community at the heart of their offering. The product provides peer–to–peer and expert mentoring, direct connections to industry partners, growers, customers, and investors, and access to enabling technologies and data provided by partners such as European Space Agency andWikiFactory. Additionally, participants benefit from exclusive perks from partners including Blinkist, Agribusiness Academy, The Beam, Founder Institute, and Startup Guts.

If you’re interested in joining the TFF Digital Labs programme, you can find more information here. And if your organisation needs support step–changing a digital programme, please get in touch.